Burning Secrets

Shiver soft in the dark
Shiver cold in the light
Shiver hard in the paling
When the dawn holds it’s might.
Shiver blue when I kiss you
Shiver green when you might
Shiver quiet when the darkling
Of your timid heart’s right.

Merril at dVerse https://dversepoets.com/2022/01/24/quadrille-144-shivering/ has drawn inspiration from her home’s icy weather. She asks for a quadille 44 word poem that considers the word shivering.

The amazing dVersifiers have responded in strength. https://www.blenza.com/linkies/links.php?owner=dversepoets&postid=23Jan2022a&meme=12540

Tell me, Oh Muse,

So begins our first poem.


Very first words
from our very first Muse
so very long ago.

No sweet pretty girl
chiffon floating gently
that first muse of Homer’s.
Harpy Goddess hell-dark
spewing blood and death.

Suffer you all together, Acheans.

To begin the New Year at dVerse https://dversepoets.com/2022/01/10/quadrille-143-muse-cues/ De Jackson aka WhimsyGizmo calls for a rousing of the muse. The Whimsy One asks for a Quadrille. I quote: ‘The Quadrille is that pithy little poem of our own creation here at dVerse, in which we write poems of exactly 44 words (not including the title), and wedge in a word of our choosing.’
As always, I’m in awe of the creative responses by the stellar bodies of the dVerse universe. Read them here: https://www.blenza.com/linkies/links.php?owner=dversepoets&postid=07Jan2022&meme=12540

Lay a White Quilt Over Them

Bitter Antarctic star blanket above.
Five men stoic at the end of the earth.
Time, food, water, sanity all gone.
Screaming blizzard snow blanket.
Frozen corpses yellow waxen taut.
Scott’s diary, blanket marketed,
has never been out of print.
Undying Glory blankets any error.

dVerse Blanket Challenge

Merril at Dverse https://dversepoets.com/2020/10/05/quadrille-113-blanket-us/ is hosting a blanket challenge to create a 44 word Quadrille Poem. Her prompt is to include the word ‘blanket’.

It is always fascinating to read what others have done with the same prompt. https://www.blenza.com/linkies/links.php?owner=dversepoets&postid=03Oct2020b&meme=12540