Perchance to Dream: Fishes

Midnight’s pools lie still
   ‘Neath the ripples moonlit bright
   Fishes sleeping dream

This delightful haiku Sleeping Fishes Dream is by artist and poet Goff James. I’ve just read it and am immediately able to finish this image that I began years ago. Thanks, Goff, for making clear to me the story in my photo.

You can see more of Goff’s work here:

Sleeping Fishes.
Many years ago
a grey Osaka day,
fish in quiet repose.

Not finished
I wait, also quiet.
Something will come.

Chance met words
from a stranger
complete the picture.

The sleep and dreaming of other species is so intriguing. Where can we begin to tell the stories of such alien thoughts? Basho, travelling through Akashi, was beguiled by an octopus:

tako-tsubo ya
hakanaki yume wo
natsu no tsuki