Giff challenge: Bored on a Blue Day

Bored on a blue day
tail flicker
that fly won’t live much longer.

This week I am still learning how to make giffs. My challenge is to:
* make each giff an integral part of a very short story.
* each story has a one hour time limit for both picture and words
* create a different feel for each story.
* keep them to twenty frames or less.

Watch for the blink! I think it’s my favourite bit of this giff. Maybe double the number of frames would give the fly a more natural movement. I may try a series of more completed giffs in the future.

Let me know what you think.

Challenge: Photo prompt poem #writephoto

This writing prompt is a photo challenge from Sue Vincent. It’s a regular Thursday thing. I really like the combination of words and pictures. I recommend this, so interesting what others do with the same prompt.

Here’s the link: