Seven Day Challenge 2: Snow Ponies

This week I have set my self a challenge to visually interpret one Haiku each day. I’m told that setting an achievable goal is a good thing.

Today Bashō and I reflect on morning.
It is snowing in the mountains just south of here. The cold front is expected to reach us by Sunday. Here in the Southern hemisphere the Antarctic weather patterns drive their icy winter lows north toward us.
The Antarctic images in my collage were taken during the Heroic Age of exploration. Frank Hurley took the pioneering colour image of a tabular iceberg. As he headed south to his undying glory Robert Falcon Scott photographed Apsley Cherry-Garrard holding Michael the pony.
Scott’s pack ponies were more than just transport. In his diary Scott got quite poetic about them:

Saturday, December 9 l9ll.
The ponies have been shot
They have done wonderfully well
Yet it is hard to have to kill them so early

Despite their wonderful work the ponies were appreciated in another important role.

Monday, December 4. Camp 30. The ponies marched splendidly to-day, crossing the deep snow in the undulations without difficulty The dogs are simply splendid, but came in wanting food, so we had to sacrifice poor little Michael, who, like the rest, had lots of fat on him. All the tents are consuming pony flesh and thoroughly enjoying it.

Sentimentalism went just so far.