Challenge dVerse: Something’s Been at That

Something’s Been at That
Something’s been at that
It made us all laugh
All the old ladies said it
Their wrinkles frown at goodies
Nibbled in the pantry
Was it the rats or the children
It got served up either way
When we were young
Clever young things
Imitate a toothless lisp
Worn shoes, failed art, lost lovers
Something’s been at that
It made us all laugh
Crumbled cake edge
My wrinkles frown at goodies
Another old lady said it
Something’s been at that
It made them all laugh

Another dVerse challenge from Lillian reflecting on her favourite sayings. It’s an open post so the other contribtors are really dVerse. Check them out here:

My saying is as old as the hills and tremendously versatile. Try it out, it’s a good fit for the oddest circumstances.

Identity, Age and Self.

Sarah on dVerse is calling for self portraits.

Here is my self portrait. I made this post a while ago. Only eight people have looked at it. So I hope no-one minds that I’ve posted it here.

See other self-portraits are here.