Twas Scringey in the Reejin Kroost

Robbled grobs take scruze,
Pluck freagletoms from spingoes.

Utagawa: Actor Iwai Hanshirô V as the Spirit of a Chicken

With apoloamolies to Lewis Carroll whom I have beforinger adorealimized.
Il Marveloso Brudberg at dVerse wants nonsense. So gabilbom gettling troiks it is.
He makes much more snesbits here.
The magnillience dVerse sqadjilings make squilliances too. Rodje them here:

17 thoughts on “Twas Scringey in the Reejin Kroost

  1. No way could I read this out loud without stumbling over each and every word ~~~ a great reason to applaud your creativity. And one more time, I will attempt an out loud recitation. NOPE, didn’t make it.

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    1. Thank you. I found I could only read it out loud whilst striking a (an?) heroic pose wearing my going-to-the-races rooster feather festooned sunhat.


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